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SPFH590 Chemical Composition

SPFH590 Chemical Composition

SPFH590 steels, as defined by the JIS G 3131 standard, are hot-rolled steels widely used across various industries. This standard specifies SPHC as a material grade, mainly employed for forming tasks, including shaping metallic sheets. Classified under commercial quality hot-rolled steel, SPHC is commonly utilized for fabrication purposes.

SPFH590 Chemical Composition

SM570 Steel

SM570 is another type of hot-rolled steel known for its exceptional strength, making it ideal for welding applications. Its robust properties make it suitable for use in demanding environments where strength is critical.

SPFH590 Steel

SPFH590 is a structural hot-rolled steel extensively used in the automotive industry. It is particularly suited for applications such as chassis and other structural components due to its high tensile strength, excellent formability, and weldability. This low carbon steel contains alloying elements like manganese, silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur to achieve specific mechanical and chemical properties.

Advantages of Hot-Rolled High-Strength Steels

Using hot-rolled high-strength steels like SPFH590 allows for the production of thinner parts without compromising performance. This results in significant weight savings and improved efficiency throughout the manufacturing process, leading to considerable cost savings. Common applications include wheel hubs, rims, frames, and various other automotive components.

Availability and Standards

SPFH590 steels are available in various forms such as plates, sheets, and coils. They fall under the category of High Strength Low Alloy Steels (HSLA), with a minimum yield strength ranging from 35 ksi to 100 ksi, increasing in increments of 5 ksi. The specifications for these steels are governed by standards such as ASTM A1011, ASTM A1018, SAE J1392, and SAE J2340.

SPFH590 JIS G3134 Material Specification

Product Plat SPFH Hot-rolled High-strength Automotive Steel Plate
Kategori Hot-rolled High-strength Automotive Steel Plate
Standard JIS G3134
Grades SPFH540 & SPFH 590
Country Japan/Korea

SPFH590 Steel Equivalent Grade

J2340 420XF10149-2 S420MC     
SPFH  590490XFS500MCQSTE420TME420DHR50F45Fe420TMFeE420

SPFH590 Chemical Composition

Sulphur0.050 Max
Phosphorus0.05 Max
Iron97.75 to 98.05

JIS g3134 SPFH590 Mechanical Properties

GradeTensile Test180°Bending Test b Diameter
Thickness (mm)Thickness  (mm)

SPFH590 Tensile Strength

Grade SPFH490540590590DP780780DP
71.1 ksi78.3 ksi85.6 ksi85.6 ksi113.1 ksi113.1 ksi

S420MC Material Thermal Properties

Coefficient of thermal expansion1.32E-5 – 1.38E-5 1/K
Specific heat capacity465 J/(kg·K)
Thermal conductivity25 – 93 W/(m·K)

E420D Grade has excellent tensile strength, View the Electrical properties of FeE420 material

SPFC590 Applications

In wheel applications, parts are typically categorized into two major types: rims and discs. Forming trials have been conducted using conventional SPFH 590 grade material and DP600 grade material. Specifically, these trials focused on style wheels, which feature complex shapes during the forming stages. Test results revealed that while using SPFH 590 grade material, minute cracks were observed in the vent hole area, as depicted in Image 2. Conversely, similar trials conducted using DP600 grade material demonstrated good formability, as illustrated in Image 3. 
Property SPFH 590 grade DP 600 grade
Yield Strength 550 MPa 477 MPa
Tensile Strength 598 MPa 631 MPa
Elongation 26% 23%


SPFH590, according to JIS G3134 standards, is a type of low carbon steel engineered with several alloying elements including manganese, silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur, among others. These elements are strategically combined to attain specific mechanical and chemical properties required for various applications.

SPFH590 steel, as per JIS G3134 standards, is a structural hot-rolled steel extensively utilized in the automotive industry. It finds applications in chassis and other structural components due to its high strength, exceptional tensile strength, and notable formability and weldability properties.

SPFH (Steel Plate and Hot-rolled sheet for Automobile Structural Uses) is a designation found in JIS G 3134, which specifies high-strength steels used in the automotive industry. JFE Steel Corporation provides detailed requirements for various JIS standards, including G 3113 and G 3134, in a freely downloadable PDF document.

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