SA214 Tube
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SA 214 Tubes Vs SA 179 Tubes

When considering SA214 Vs SA179 Tube, it needs to be understood that covered in SA214 Tube are carbon steel tubes which are resistance welded and are used for condensers, heat exchangers and other kinds of heat transfer systems that are similar. 

SA-179 are tubes that have been manufactured from carbon steel and these are tubes that are electric resistance welded and used for safe ends, boiler flues, boiler tubes and superheater flues. SA214 Tube (stress at 350 °F/11400 PSI allow), is the commonest material that is used in non-sour applications for finned tubes, in the ACHE industry. If there is the need for seamless or a little bit more allowable stress, then what are used are seamless SA 179 carbon steel (13400 PSI allow. stress), before choosing to use duplex or stainless steel.   

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Difference In Applications Of ASME SA179 & SA214 Tubes :

SA 179 tubes are in big demand in various applications and industries such as chemical, industrial pipelines, light, instrument, medical, petroleum, food, machinery, mechanical structure parts, etc. SA 214 tubes are used in a large number of industrial processes and applications such as transport, agriculture and various industrial related end uses.

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We also supply our clients with various kinds of documentations such as:  Fumigation Certificates, Heat Treatment Charts, Commercial Invoice which includes HS Code, Guarantee Letter, Packing List (inclusive of numbers and marks, gross weight, net weight, number of boxes), Material Traceability Records, Laboratory Test Reports approved by NABL, Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), Form A, Certificate of Origin legalized, Raw Material Test Reports and Welding Procedure Specification. We even supply our clients with Material Test Certificates (MTC) as per EN 10204 3.1/ EN 10204 3.2 and Test Certificates certifying NACE MR0103/ NACE MR0175.

We adopt very rigorous methods to ensure that all of our SA 214 & SA 179 tubes conform to international quality standards. With this purpose in mind, we run all of these tubes through some of the toughest quality tests, including the likes of Spectro Analysis, Micro and MacroTest, Flaring Test, Hardness Test, Flattening Test, PMI Testing, Mechanical Testing such as Tensile of Area, Pitting Resistance Test, Intergranular Corrosion (IGC) Test, etc. It is only when these SA 214 tubes & SA 179 tubes have cleared all of these tough quality tests, do we then dispatch them to our clients.

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