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There Are Lots Of Options On Carbon Steel Tubes For The Industry Usage And Astm A213 And Astm A269 Both Are Alloy Materials Highly Demanded In The Industries For Performing The Applications To Secure The Apparatuses From The Risks & Failures. Both Materials Works Well For Big Production Plants & Industries With Some Similarities & Some Different Properties, Which Manufactured By Following All Astm National & International Standard Products.

You Need To Know All Differences & Specifications Of Astm A213 And Astm A269, To Ensures That You Will Choose The Right One For Your Industry Application To Complete It Without Any Hassle.

Similarities Between Grade Astm A213 And Astm A269

The ASTM / ASME Standards Follow The Similar Steps In Manufacturing Process Of Astm A213 And Astm A269 Products And Also Both The Materials Used To Resist The Oxidations And Corrosion To Make The Applications Efficient In The Elevated Temperature. The Tensile Strength And Stress-Corrosion Cracking After The Post Manufacturing Process Are Excellent In Both ASTM Grades.

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Difference Between Astm A213 Vs Astm A269 Grade

Astm A213 Material Standard Specifications Covers The Seamless Ferritic & Austenitic Steel Boiler, Super Heaters And Heat Exchanger Tubes. The Process Of Manufacturing These Tubes Are Seamless Process And Also Designed In Hot Finished & Cold Finished As Preferred For The Customer’s Application Demands. And Austenitic Stainless Steel Tubes With Astm A213 Grades Fabricated In The Heat Treated Conditions To Make It Perfect & Well Performed For The Elevated Temperatures. It Defines In The Minimum Wall Thickness.

Astm A269 Material Standard Specifications Covers Nominal Wall Thickness And Welded Austenitic Steel Tubing. It Is Usually Used For General Corrosion Resistances And Performing Well For The Low & High Temperatures To Successfully Completion Of The Applications. The Furnishing Process Of The Done In The Heat Treated Conditions To Ensures The Process, And For A Well Going Way Experts Keep On The Eye On Each Of The Step Of Manufacturing. It Does Not Define In The Minimum Wall Thickness.

Here Is A Table Showing Few Differences Of Astm A213 And Astm A269


Astm A213

Astm A269

Basic Difference

Seamless Pressure Tubing

Welded Stainless Steel Pressure Tubing

Wall thickness

It have minimum wall thickness pertains to seamless ferritic and austenitic alloy tubing.

It serves the industry without minimum wall thickness pertains with seamless ferritic and welded austenitic stainless steel.


It is used in steel boilers, heat exchangers and superheaters to maintain the transmission temperature of the different substances.

The material performs well where high corrosion cracking and resistance oxidation required to maintain elevated temperatures.

Astm A213 And Astm A269 Testing Factors:

The Testing Process Of The Both Materials Have To Pass The Similar Steps To Ensures That It Is Perfect For The Industry Use Now. The Test Performed By The Industry Experts Are Tension Test, Flaring Test, Flange Test, Reverse Flattering Test And Hardness Test To Make Sure That All The Factors Of The Materials Are Follow The ASTM / ASME Standards And Ready To Use In The Big Industry Machineries. Also Both Materials Passes The Non-Destructive Electric And Hydrostatic Test For Making Them More Compatible In Complex Situations.

There Are Lots Of More Chemical Makeup And Fabrication Processes Similarities In Both The Materials And This Will Sometimes Creates Confusion To Choose The Right One.

Know The Difference Before You Purchase Astm A213 And Astm A269 Materials

After Knowing The Differences You Can Differ Both The Products And Can Easily Choose For Your Needs From Both Of Them. You Can Understand The Differences Of The Materials On The Behalf Of The Specifications, We Have Mentioned In Above Section.

But We Know, For This Process Of Selection Needs The Good Knowledge About These Materials Or Need Experts To Make The Perfect Decisions. So, To Help You In This Solitaire Overseas Experts Will Be There For You To Help You To Choose From Astm A213 And Astm A269 And Also Provide You The Best High Quality Materials As Per Your Demands.

Choose Your Needed Material Now And Have A Good Stock Of Bulk Astm A213 And Astm A269 Materials In Solitaire Overseas Inventories.

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