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Density of Carbon Steel – SA179 Tubes

Carbon steel, a widely utilized metal alloy in various industries, is composed of iron and carbon, imparting distinctive properties. The density of carbon steel plays a pivotal role in shaping its characteristics and influencing its suitability for diverse applications.

What is the Density of Carbon Steel?

Pure carbon steel exhibits a density of approximately 7.8 g/cm3 (0.284 lb/in3). This value may vary depending on alloying elements, typically ranging from 7.75 g/cm3 (0.282 lb/in3) to 8.05 g/cm3 (0.291 lb/in3). Comparatively heavier than aluminum, carbon steel is lighter than materials like stainless steel and copper alloys.

Impact of Density on Carbon Steel Properties

The density of carbon steel significantly impacts various properties:

Strength: Higher density correlates with increased strength-to-weight ratios, making denser materials more resistant to deformation under compressive forces.

Malleability and ductility: Density affects malleability (ability to deform under pressure) and ductility (ability to undergo plastic deformation). Less dense materials may exhibit greater malleability but reduced strength.

Electrical conductivity: Higher density leads to lower electrical conductivity due to increased resistivity, hindering the flow of electrical current.

Heat capacity: Denser materials have higher heat capacities, enabling them to absorb more heat energy before experiencing temperature changes or phase transitions.

Thermal Expansion Rate: Higher density contributes to a higher thermal expansion rate, causing the material to expand when exposed to increased temperature or pressure.


Understanding the impact of density on carbon steel properties empowers engineers and designers to make informed decisions. This knowledge proves crucial in selecting the appropriate grade or type for specific applications, such as automotive components or construction materials. Balancing cost considerations and performance requirements ensures optimal choices. Armed with this understanding, engineers and designers can navigate the nuances of carbon steel selection, aligning it with project needs and performance criteria.

SA179 Tubes, renowned for their high-quality manufacturing and reliable performance, stand as a testament to innovation in the tubing industry. Build your projects with the precision and durability offered by SA179 Tubes.

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