Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers

Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers provide effective, efficient performance in tough heat-exchange applications. HVAC. Industrial specialties. Pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturers, food processors. Polaris stands for outstanding design and construction, reliable heat transfer, long life, and low repair/maintenance costs. Quality materials and craftsmanship can be found in every Polaris heat exchanger. Its superb plate heat exchangers provide efficiency, low maintenance, and long life. Polaris designs and manufactures economical, efficient plate heat exchangers for any application. You can therefore find the exact plate heat exchanger configuration you need for your application.

Heat exchangers with plates and frames

Polaris provides the most economical and efficient plate heat exchanger design for any application. You'll find exactly the plate configuration you need. Correct plate geometry, patterns, and connections enable us to customise ideal designs for HVAC, chemical processing, food processing, oil and gas refining, and many other uses. Multiple plate sizes are available for each connection size. Plate patterns are correctly suited to custom application

Welded Heat Exchangers

Polaris provides the most economical and efficient plate heat exchanger design for any application.– including ammonia refrigeration, CFCs, HCFCs, and aggressive process fluids. Resistant to stress and leakage, our semi-welded plate heat exchangers employ matched plate pairs (or cassettes) to isolate refrigerant or process fluids from the gasketing. And Polaris Semi-welded Exchangers are so efficient they need just one-fifth the refrigerant required by shell-and-tube exchangers to do the same work!

Regardless of the application, the Polaris plate heat exchanger offers the most economical, efficient design available.hanger from Polaris. Paired plates create an air space, making leaks visible from outside. Leaks reach the atmosphere from between plates or from drain channels in the inlet/outlet areas. Media can’t mix, and there’s no risk of contamination. When plumbing codes require double-wall separation – or any time that’s a critical element of a project - a Polaris Safety-Pair Double Wall Plate Heat Exchanger is your best, most economical choice.