Heat exchangers for solar water heaters

Heat exchangers are used to convert solar energy absorbed in solar collectors into potable (drinkable) water. Sa179tubes.com Ia Leading Supplier & Exporter Of ASTM A106 Pipe And ASME SA106 Pipe.

In solar systems with heating, there cannot be a heat exchanger between the collector and the air collector distribution. Systems with heating collectors heat air through liquid heat exchangers, which are similar to fluid air heat exchangers.


In the storage tank, the heat exchanger is a pipe snake. It can be a single tube (single-tube heat exchanger) or the thickness of two piping (double-walled heat exchanger). A less effective alternative is to cover the coil with insulation on the outside of the bulk container.


Heat exchangers are separate from (external to) storage tanks. A heat exchanger has two separate fluid loops. Through the heat exchanger, fluids flow in opposite directions, maximising heat transfer.  During one loop, the fluid to be heated (such as potable water) circulates through the inner tubes. After the second loop, A heat-transfer fluid circulates between the shell and the tubes of water. The tubes and shell should be made of the same material.