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Among the standard ferritic tubes is the SA213 T9 Tubes, which is made of chrome-moly tubes. SA213 T9 Tubes may have a nominal or minimum wall thickness for high-temperature service. A variety of SA213 T9 Tubes plants & processes around the world use ASME SA213 T9 alloy steel seamless tubing and SA213 T9 Tubes, including refineries, power plants, petro-chemical plants, hydrocrackers, cokers, high and super high temperature lines, reheat lines, distillation, oil field services, etc.

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SA Seamless Cold-Drawn Intermediate Alloy Steel Heat Exchangers and Condensers specified by SA199 T9 were replaced by SA200 T9 in 1995, which was withdrawn in 1999, and it was then replaced by SA213.

T9 Chromoly tubes (SA213 T9) are ferritic alloy steel tubes that are seamless and used in high temperatures. In the power industry and petrochemical plants, alloy steel A213 tubing and SA213 T9 Tubes are used for bending, flanging (vanstoning), and other forming operations with high temperatures, as well as fusion welding using high temperatures.

ASTM A213 T9 chrome moly tubes are also known as SA213 T9 Tubes due to the chemical makeup of Molybdenum (Mo) and Chrome (Cr). Chromium (Cr). Molybdenum maintains the strength of the A213 Tubing square tube as well as the elastic limit, resistance to wear, impact qualities, and hardenability. Moly is the most effective single additive that enhances high temperature creep strength of SA213 T9 Tubes.

Hot Rolled ASME SA213 T9 Seamless Tubes & High Pressure T9 Boiler Tubes with lengths up to 22.5m are available. We can supply seamless ferritic alloy steel tube in T9 diameters and wall thickness tolerances to meet special surface requirements. A213 T9 Alloy Steel Tubes in ASTM A213 T9 Dimensions – Standard, Non-standard, or Inside Diameter Controlled – are available up to 25m with close tolerances. There are a number of alloy steel T9 tubes and ASTM T9 chrome moly tubes we supply, such as T9 combustion chamber tubes, T9 heater tubes, T9 header tubes and T9 line pipe for main steam and reheater circuits. We supply these alloy steel tubes and pipe in all the grades of alloy steel required.

As Steel Tubes India is an approved NORSOK tube supplier & exporter specializing in ASME SSA213 T9 Tubes, ASME A213 Tubing heat exchanger tubes, grade T9 hydraulic tubes, ASME SA213 T9 seamless tubing, and ASME SA213 T9 square pipes. As part of its product lines, the company stocks and distributes seamless alloy steel pipe and hydraulic pipe of grade T9. Steel Tubes India, a PED-approved manufacturer, produces alloy steel T9 cold rolled coiled tubes and SA213 T9 Tubes tube. In India, ASTM A213 grade T9 tubes can be purchased online at a reasonable price.

If you have any questions regarding T9 Tube Material, please contact us. The steel tubes we offer include steel EFW and ERW tubes, steel round tubes, steel square tubes, and steel alloy grade tubes. One of the grades we offer is T9. We are stocking distributors of Jindal, MSL, and ISMT alloy steel high pressure tubes as well as seamless alloy steel tubes. Our company offers the best prices in India and Europe on SA213 T9 material, SA213 T9 boiler tubes, and ASME SA213 M T9 seamless tubes. A special price is being offered on steel alloy grade T9 tubes.

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ASTM A213 vs A269

What are the main differences between the ASTM A213 VS A269 Stainless Steel Tubing Standards, other than their stated uses in the standard? Is one better than the other for general service Type 304 instrumentation tubing? Also why is the finish on some tubing conforming to these standards dull while another source might have a polished surface?

A-213 pertains to seamless ferritic and austenitic alloy tubing of minimum wall thickness. Some of the ferritic compositions within the spec are not truly stainless. A-269 is seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel without specifying minimum wall. In 304 there are some minor composition differences, but these are generally not consequential. Most 304 on the market will meet either composition spec.

The difference between the bright and dull finish depends on whether the producer finished by bright annealing or by pickling. A-269 is more commonly used for specifying instrumentation tubing. I suggest specifying passivated tubing, and if to be installed by welding, be aware of the significant effect of sulfur level on weld penetration and the difficulty of welding two pieces with very different sulfur contents.

Similarities Between Grade Astm A213 VS A269

The ASTM / ASME Standards Follow The Similar Steps In Manufacturing Process Of Astm A213 VS A269 Products And Also Both The Materials Used To Resist The Oxidations And Corrosion To Make The Applications Efficient In The Elevated Temperature. The Tensile Strength And Stress-Corrosion Cracking After The Post Manufacturing Process Are Excellent In Both ASTM Grades.

Difference Between Astm A213 Vs A269 Grade

Astm A213 Material Standard Specifications Covers The Seamless Ferritic & Austenitic Steel Boiler, Super Heaters And Heat Exchanger Tubes. The Process Of Manufacturing These Tubes Are Seamless Process And Also Designed In Hot Finished & Cold Finished As Preferred For The Customer’s Application Demands. And Austenitic Stainless Steel Tubes With Astm A213 Grades Fabricated In The Heat Treated Conditions To Make It Perfect & Well Performed For The Elevated Temperatures. It Defines In The Minimum Wall Thickness.

Astm A269 Material Standard Specifications Covers Nominal Wall Thickness And Welded Austenitic Steel Tubing. It Is Usually Used For General Corrosion Resistances And Performing Well For The Low & High Temperatures To Successfully Completion Of The Applications. The Furnishing Process Of The Done In The Heat Treated Conditions To Ensures The Process, And For A Well Going Way Experts Keep On The Eye On Each Of The Step Of Manufacturing. It Does Not Define In The Minimum Wall Thickness.


Astm A213 Vs A269 Testing Factors

The Testing Process Of The Both Materials Have To Pass The Similar Steps To Ensures That It Is Perfect For The Industry Use Now. The Test Performed By The Industry Experts Are Tension Test, Flaring Test, Flange Test, Reverse Flattering Test And Hardness Test To Make Sure That All The Factors Of The Materials Are Follow The ASTM / ASME Standards And Ready To Use In The Big Industry Machineries. Also Both Materials Passes The Non-Destructive Electric And Hydrostatic Test For Making Them More Compatible In Complex Situations.

There Are Lots Of More Chemical Makeup And Fabrication Processes Similarities In Both The Materials And This Will Sometimes Creates Confusion To Choose The Right One.

Know The Difference Before You Purchase Astm A213 Vs A269 Materials

After Knowing The Differences You Can Differ Both The Products And Can Easily Choose For Your Needs From Both Of Them. You Can Understand The Differences Of The Materials On The Behalf Of The Specifications, We Have Mentioned In Above Section.

But We Know, For This Process Of Selection Needs The Good Knowledge About These Materials Or Need Experts To Make The Perfect Decisions. So, To Help You In This Solitaire Overseas Experts Will Be There For You To Help You To Choose From Astm A213 VS A269 And Also Provide You The Best High Quality Materials As Per Your Demands.vs

Classification of Steel

Designed for applications where safety and efficiency are vital for industrial and commercial environments

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) states that steel is considered “carbon” when no minimum content is specified or required. More than 85 percent of steel shipped throughout the United States is carbon steel. Listed below are different levels of carbon and steel alloys.

Low-carbon steel This class of steel contains up to 0.30% C and consists of steel sheets or strips in the cold-rolled and annealed condition. Low carbon steel is used for automobile body panels, tin plates and wire products.

Medium-carbon steel his class is similar to low carbon, except it ranges from 0.30% – 0.60% C and the manganese ranges from 0.60% – 1.65%. Medium carbon steel is mainly used for shafts, axles, gears, crankshafts, couplings and forgings.

High-carbon steel This of steel ranges from 0.60% – 1.00% C and the manganese ranges from 0.30% – 0.90%. High carbon steel is used for spring materials and high-strength wires.

Ultrahigh-carbon steel This class ranges from 1.25% – 2.0% C. Ultrahigh carbon steel is thermo mechanically processed to produce ultrafine grains of spherical carbide particles.

High-strength low-alloy steel This steel alloy is designed to provide better mechanical properties and greater resistance to atmospheric corrosion. It has lower carbon contents in order to produce adequate formability and weldability.

Low-alloy steels This alloy’s primary function is to increase its strength and toughness after heat treatment. Low alloy steels are also classified according to its ASTM A213 T9 chemical composition.

Steel can be classified by a variety of different systems such as the composition, manufacturing method, finishing method, product form, deoxidation practice, microstructure, strength level, heat treatment and quality descriptors. When making a decision on what type of steel to purchase, you may consider the above information.

SA 213 T9 Tube Specification Chart

Trade Name JIS G3462 STBA 26; ISO 2604 II S38; BS 3059-P2 622-490; UNS K90941
Grade SA 213 T9 Tube (With IBR Certificate)
UNS K90941
SA 213 T9 Tube Size Range
  • Outside Diameter (OD): 1.059 – 7.000 inches (26.9 to 177.8 mm) or custom
  • Wall thickness: 0.102 – 0.787 inches (2.6 to 20.0 mm) or custom
  • Heavy Wall SA 213 T9 Tube : up to 28.58 mm (1.125 Inch)
SA 213 T9 Heat Exchanger and Boiler Tube up to 19.6 meters
IBR Certified ASME SA213 T9 Furnace Tubes 2”-9” diameters, Length: up to 70ft 
ASTM A213 T9 Welded Tubes 1/2” NB – 24” NB
A213 T9 Finned Tubes (16 or 19 fins/ inch)
Wall Thickness of SA 213 T9 Tube 4.5mm to 60mm
SA213 T9 Tube end BBE -Bevel both ends, TOE -Threaded One End, BOE-Beveled One End, BE -Beveled end, POE -Plain One End, PBE -Plain Both Ends, BSE -Bevel small end, Coupled, TBE -Threaded Both Ends, BLE -Bevel large end
Alloy Steel SA 213 T9 Tube Length 3000mm, 40FT, 12000mm, 6000mm, DRL, SRL, 2000mm, Double Random Length (DRL), 20FT, Custom Length, Single Random Length (SRL)
SA 213 T9 Tube Wall Thickness SCH-10, SCH-XS, SCH-40S, SCH-80, SCH160, SCH-STD, SCH-5S, SCH-XXS, SCH-80S, SCH-40, SCH-5, SCH-10S
Surface Treatment of SA 213 Gr T9 Tube
  • SA 213 T9 Galvanised Tube
  • IBR Certified ASME SA213 T9 material with PVC, Black and color coating
  • ASTM A213 T9 Tube with Transparent oil, anti-rust oil
  • A213 T9 Bare Tube, Painted,
  • FBE, 3PE, Epoxy Coating SA213 T9 Tube
  • or as per clients requirement
Processing Service of ASTM A213 Gr T9 Tube Bending, Welding, Decoiling, Punching, Cutting, Coating, Painting
Marking by T9 Tube suppliers
  • Specification of SA 213 T9 Tube
  • Material Grade
  • Nominal Pipe Sizes (NPS)
  • Wall Thickness or Schedule No.
  • Manufacturing Process (SA 213 T9 Seamless/ EFW/ ERW/ Welded)
  • Heat Number
  • Stockholder/ Dealer/ Supplier or Manufacturer’s Name or Custom Logo – as required
SA 213 T9 Seamless Tube Marking Sample: Manufacturer Name ASTM A213 T9 2″ x 0.250″ x 20″ TUBE SEAMLESS HEAT NO. XXXX
Different methods used by SA 213 T9 Tube manufacturers Hot Finish Seamless (HFS), Longitudinally Submerged Arc Welded (LSAW), Cold Drawn Seamless (CDS), Seamless, Horizontal Submerged Arc Welded (HSAW), CDW, Electro Fusion Seam Welded (EFSW), Submerged Arc Welded (SAW), Electric Resistance Welded (ERW), Welded, 100% X Ray/ Gamma Ray Welded, Extrusion, Fabricated
Approvals PED, EIL, IBR, Shell, BP, Saudi Aramco, ONGC, KNPC, L&T, NORSOK M-650, ISO 17025 for Laboratories, PED 97/23/EC, AD2000, Merkblatt W0, HAF 604
Origin of IBR Certified ASME SA213 T9 Tube material Ukraine, Africa, Chinese, Korean, UK, Japan, USA, European, Russian, Japanese, Indian, Asian, American, Latin-American, Gulf
Ask for these certificates from SA 213 T9 Tube suppliers HIC, Sour-Service, SSC, NACE, EN-10204:3.1, IBR, EN-10204:3.2
Various Testing performed by T9 Boiler Tube manufacturers Charpy V-Notch Test, Charpy V Impact Test, Ultrasonic Test, Flux Leakage examination or Magnetic Flaw detection, Metallurgical & Stereo Microscopy, Hardness, Ultrasonic, Burst Test, Eddy current, Hardness Test, H2 SERVICE, Radiography, IBR, Micro, IGC- Intergranular Corrosion Test, Surface Roughness Test, Salt Spray Test to test Phosphating, Positive Material Identification (PMI), Impact, Creep, TM0177, Bend TestBend test / Guided Bend, Tensile, NACE MR0175, Hydro test, SSC- Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking, Non Destructive Testing , Chemical, Straightness, Fine Grain, Ferrite, TM0284, Macro, Mechanical, Stress , HIC- Hydrogen-induced Cracking
Additional Services and Facility Beveling, Laser/ Water Jet Cutting, Sawing, Polishing, Tapping, Cutting, Threading
Material Test Certificate (MTC) provided by T9 Tubing suppliers Radiographic Testing (RT), PED, ISO 14001:2015, NDE, ISO 9001:2005, EN 10204 3.1, Ultrasonic Testing (UT), EIL, IBR
Supplier of SA 213 T9 Tube in various shapes Hollow, U-Bend, Round,
Coated SA 213 T9 Tube suppliers in India Galvanising, Anti-Corrosion Paint, Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coating, Internal and External Epoxy Coated, Coal tar enamel (CTE), Dual Layer FEB, Mild Steel Rubber lining (MSRL), Black Japan, FBE Coated Tube, PE Coated, 3LPP Coated (Three Layer Polyethylene Coating), Clad Material, Primer, Concrete weight coating (CWC), Dual Layer ARO Coating, Varnish, LPE Coating And Lining, Temporary Corrosion Protection, FBE Lining, Black Paint, UV Dual Layer Coating
Leading SA 213 T9 Tube manufacturers/ make , Sumitomo Corporation, Interpipe, United Seamless Tubulaar Pvt. Ltd (USTPL), TATA Steel, TMK Maharashtra Seamless Limited (MSL), Arcelormittal, Jindal Saw Limited (JSL), JFE, Boly Pipe, Indian Seamless Metal (ISMT), Benteler
SA 213 T9 Material Cutting Techniques Burrless Cuts, Tapping, Water-Jet, Laser, Sawing

ASTM A213 Equivalent

ASTM/ ASME Grade EN 10216-2 Standard Material/ WNR DIN (As a replacement for EN 10216-2)
SA 213 T9 X11CrMo9-1 + I X11CrMo9-1 + NT 1.7386 17176: X12 CrMo09-1
Trade Name Grade UNS Boiler/ Heater/ Heat exchanger Tubes
9 Chrome T9 K90941 A213 / SA213

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