SA179 Tube takes pride in being a leading supplier of CK45 Carbon Steel Round Bar, delivering products crafted from high-quality raw materials and utilizing modern technology. Renowned for its exceptional properties, CK45 tubes, commercially recognized as carbon steel tubes, are manufactured in strict accordance with DIN specifications. These tubes find widespread applications across various industries globally, given their durability, strength, and long-lasting performance.

With a lowest application temperature of -25 °C, Carbon Steel CK 45 exhibits favorable creep behavior, demonstrating reliability even in demanding conditions up to 480 °C.

Forged from superior CK45 material, our Carbon Steel Round Bar exhibits exceptional strength, making it a reliable choice for various industrial applications.

Adhering to DIN CK45 specifications, our tubes undergo precision manufacturing, meeting stringent industry standards for quality and performance.

Renowned as CK45 steel specialists, SA179 Tube delivers a versatile product suitable for diverse applications, ensuring optimal performance under varied conditions.

The heat treatment of AISI 1045 (CK45) involves a precise process for optimal performance. Initially, CK45 is normalized by heating it to 1475-1550ºF (800-845ºC) and then furnace-cooling at 50ºF (28ºC) per hour. 

This controlled cooling relieves internal stresses and promotes a uniform microstructure. Subsequently, the material is soaked at 1200ºF (650ºC) for complete transformation before undergoing air cooling for the desired balance of hardness and toughness. The hardening process follows, with CK45 heated to 1475-1550ºF (800-845ºC) and quenched in oil or water for enhanced hardness. This precise heat treatment optimizes CK45’s mechanical properties, ensuring uniformity, wear resistance, and tailored performance for diverse applications.

In addition to round bars, our product range includes seamless circular steel tubes designed for tempering and quenching, catering to a broad spectrum of industrial needs.

SA179 Tube provides CK45 pipes and tubes with tailored end finishes, including bevelled ends, deburred ends, and plain square cuts, offering flexibility to meet specific project requirements.

SA179 Tube’s CK45 Carbon Steel Round Bar finds applications across industries, including manufacturing, construction, and general engineering. Its versatility and robust properties make it a preferred choice for various purposes.

Committed to precision craftsmanship and quality assurance, SA179 Tube ensures that every CK45 Carbon Steel Round Bar exceeds expectations, delivering superior performance in demanding environments.

Elevate your projects with the reliability of SA179 Tube’s CK45 Carbon Steel Round Bar. Contact us today for more information, competitive pricing, and personalized solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. SA179 Tube – Your Trusted Partner in Precision Carbon Steel Solutions.

CK45 Din 17200 Steel tube Specification

product name CK45 steel honed tubes for cylinder
Standard DIN 2391 EN10305
Wall Thickness 3-40mm
Out Diamete 36-480mm
Material ST 44 ST 52
Steel Grade 20# 45# 16Mn ST 45 ST 52
Length cuttable length, or random length as customer demand

CK45 Chemical composition

Standard Grade C Si Mn P S
SEW550 CK45/1.1191 0.42-0.50 ≤0.35 0.50-0.80 ≤0.035 ≤0.035
DIN 17200 CK45/1.1191 0.42-0.50 ≤0.4 0.50-0.80 ≤0.035 ≤0.03

CK-45 Mechanical Properties

Elastic modulus 217 GPa at – 100 °C
Elongation 4 -8 % at 20 °C
Poisson’s ratio 0.29 [-]  at 20 °C
Shear modulus 75 – 80 GPa at 20 °C
Tensile strength 580 – 770 MPa at 20 °C
Yield strength 330 – 640 MPa at 20 °C

CK45 Steel Related Standard & Equivalent Grade

  • CHINA | GB 3077:45#
  • USA | ASTM A29: 1045
  • JAPAN | JIS G4051:S45C
  • Europe | EN10083:C45
  • UK | BS970:EN8/080M40

CK-45 Physical Properties




Thermal expansion

10 – 10


Thermal conductivity

25 – 25


Specific heat

460 – 460


Melting temperature

1450 – 1510



7700 – 7700



0.55 – 0.55


Carbon Steel Low Temperature Carbon Steel Low Temperature Alloy Steel
Alloy Steel High Temperature Carbon Steel High Temperature Alloy Steel

DIN 17204 Grade Ck45 Tube Dimensional Tolerances

Execution Size Range OD Tolerance Wall tolerance
Hot-rolled Tube OD – 80 mmOD > 80 mmWall < 12 mmWall – 12 mm ± 0.4 mm± 0.5 % of OD ± 0.7 mm± (5 % x wallthickness + 0.1 mm
Hot-rolled peeled tube All sizesWall < 12 mmWall – 12 mm + 0.25/- 0 mm ± 0.8 mm± (5 % x wall thickness+ 0.2 mm)
Cold Worked tubecold-rolled or cold-drawn OD < 40 mmOD 40 – 80 mmOD> 80 Wall Thickness< 6 mm Wall Thickness6 – 8 mm Wall Thickness> 8 + 0.30/- 0 mm*+ 0.35/- 0 mm*+ 0.40/- 0 mm* ± 0.30 mm± 0.35 mm± 0.40 mm

CK-45 Thermal Properties

  • Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (α): 1.08E-5 1/K at -100 °C
  • Thermal Conductivity (λ): 41.7 W/(m·K) at 20 °C
  • Thermal Diffusivity (αdiff): 11.6 mm²/s at 20 °C

CK-45 Forging Properties: The forging process for CK-45 involves a precise sequence

  1. Pre-Heating: Begin by pre-heating to 552℃ to prepare the material for the forging process.
  2. Heating to Forged Temperature: Heat to the desired forging temperature, ensuring thorough heat penetration.
  3. Soaking: Maintain a soak temperature between 820-870 °C to ensure uniform heat distribution.
  4. Forging: Commence forging, ensuring the temperature remains not lower than 560℃ for optimal results.
  5. Cooling: After forging, allow gradual cooling for the material.

CK-45 Annealing: For small C1045 forgings, full annealing is a carefully controlled process

  • Temperature Range: Carry out full annealing from 1450-1600ºF (790-870ºC).
  • Furnace Cooling: After annealing, initiate furnace cooling at 50ºF (28ºC) per hour.
  • Soaking: Maintain a soak temperature of 1200ºF (650ºC) for optimal results.
  • Air Cooling: Conclude the process with gradual air cooling.

This annealing process ensures the desired structural and metallurgical characteristics, contributing to the material’s overall performance.

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