Corten Steel Planters


Transform your landscapes with us, the leading corten steel planter supplier in India and worldwide. We are more than just planter manufacturers – we're specialists. We use top-quality materials and cutting-edge technology to craft exceptional corten steel planters that are both beautiful and built to last. Our Corten steel boasts unmatched strength and weather resistance, developing a natural protective layer that eliminates the need for constant maintenance. We offer a variety of standard sizes and styles, with customization options to perfectly suit your vision. Invest in long-lasting beauty for your residential or commercial space – choose us for your Corten planters needs.

Embrace the Power of Corten Steel Planters

  • Strength & Durability: Unlike ordinary planters, Corten steel boasts exceptional strength thanks to its unique blend of copper, nickel, chromium, phosphorus, and manganese. This translates to planters that stand the test of time, defying harsh weather conditions.
  • Low Maintenance Marvel: Forget constant repainting! Corten steel develops a natural, protective rust layer that shields the core from further corrosion. This natural finish not only enhances the planter's aesthetics but also minimizes maintenance needs.
  • Weatherproof Champion: From scorching heat to freezing winters, Corten steel planters are built to endure. They resist cracking and maintain structural integrity in any climate, ensuring your plants thrive year-round.

Beauty Meets Functionality:

We offer a wide range of corten planters sizes and styles to suit your design vision. Whether you prefer sleek and modern or classic and rustic, we have the perfect planter to complement your space – and all at competitive prices. Beautify your garden with our diverse selection of corten steel planters in square, rectangular, circular, tall, heart-shaped, footed and bottomless styles.

Customization is our Specialty: Don't be limited by standard sizes! We welcome your custom specifications to create planters that seamlessly integrate with your landscaping project.

Planter Box Description (Pre-Made) Weight
24" (L) X 24" (W) X 12" (H) 32 Pounds
48" (L) X 24" (W) X 12" (H) 44 Pounds
24" (L) X 24" (W) X 18" (H) 44 Pounds
48" (L) X 24" (W) X 18" (H) 58 Pounds
96" (L) X 24" (W) X 18" (H) 91 Pounds
96" (L) X 24" (W) X 20" (H) 95 Pounds
96" (L) X 48" (W) X 20" (H) 118 Pounds

Applications of Corten Steel Planters

Invest in Long-Lasting Beauty:

Corten steel planters are ideal for both residential and commercial applications. Their timeless design and enduring nature make them a worthwhile investment, adding value and visual appeal to any property.

Connect us to Get Customized Corten Steel Planters

Let our experts guide you in selecting the perfect Corten steel planters to elevate your outdoor space. We're committed to providing exceptional products and exceptional service, ensuring your gardening journey flourishes.


Yes, corten steel planters are safe for plants. The protective rust layer prevents the steel from leaching harmful chemicals into the soil. In fact, the iron in the rust can even be beneficial for some plants.

Yes, generally, corten steel planters can range in price from around $100 for small, simple designs to upwards of $2000 for large, elaborate planters.

The time it takes for corten planters to develop their characteristic patina depends on weather conditions and exposure to the elements. Generally, it can take anywhere from several months to a year for the rust layer to fully form.

Lining the inside of your corten steel planter is not necessary. The protective rust layer prevents the steel from further corrosion.

Corten steel planters require minimal maintenance. Simply allow the natural weathering process to occur. You can brush off any loose rust particles if desired, but avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners as they can damage the protective layer.

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