Corten Steel Pipes

Corten Steel Pipes

We have quality and expertise in corten steel pipes. Our corten steel pipes meet industry standards, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. We offer a comprehensive range of corten steel pipe sizes to meet your project needs. This includes various diameters, wall thicknesses, and lengths with custom options available upon request. Get competitive corten steel pipe price, ensuring you get excellent value for your money.

We can fabricate corten steel pipes, plates and tubes to your exact specifications, including cutting, bending, or adding flanges. We can offer additional services such as surface treatments, coatings, or pre-assembly to save you time and resources. We maintain a well-stocked inventory of corten steel pipes to fulfill your orders promptly. By choosing us for your corten steel pipe needs, you'll benefit from not just high-quality pipes but also our expertise in this unique material. We can help you select the perfect corten steel pipes for your project, ensuring durability, weather resistance, and the distinctive aesthetic corten steel offers. We are a corten steel pipe supplier, contact us today for a free quote on your corten steel pipe needs! We're confident we can be your one-stop shop for all things corten steel pipe.

Get competitive corten steel pipe price, ensuring you get excellent value for your money. We understand the importance of timely deliveries. We prioritize efficient order processing and work to deliver your corten steel pipes quickly and reliably. We are a certified corten steel pipe supplier and our dedicated team is passionate about corten steel and here to assist you throughout the buying process. We offer expert advice on material selection, technical support and can answer any questions you may have about corten steel. We are a corten steel supplier and specialize in steel products and have a strong reputation for supplying high-quality corten steel pipes.

Key Details of Corten Steel Pipes

Corten steel pipes come in a variety of specifications depending on the manufacturing and what is the use. Some key details:

  • Material: Corten steel
  • Standards: Common standards for Corten steel pipes include
  • ASTM A242/A242M (US): Standard Specification for High-Strength Low-Alloy Steel Shapes, Plates, and Rolled Bars with Improved Corrosion Resistance
  • EN 10025-6 (Europe): Wide Flats - Part 6: Technical delivery conditions for weather resistant steels These standards define the chemical composition, mechanical properties, and performance requirements for Corten steel.

Dimensions of Corten Steel Pipes

  • Diameter: This can vary significantly, with some suppliers offering diameters ranging from ½ inch (12.7 mm) to 16 inches (406.4 mm) or even larger.
  • Wall Thickness: This typically falls within a range of 0.133 inches (3.4 mm) to 0.280 inches (7.1 mm), but again, it can vary depending on the supplier and application.
  • Length: Pipes can come in single random lengths (around 10-40 feet), double random lengths (around 20-40 feet) or specific cut lengths depending on the supplier's capabilities.
  • Properties: Corten steel pipes are known for

Properties of Corten Steel Pipes

  • High Strength and Durability: Corten steel offers superior strength compared to regular steel, making it suitable for various structural applications.
  • Excellent Weather Resistance: The signature rust layer protects the inner core of the pipe from further corrosion, extending its lifespan.
  • Weldability: Corten steel pipes can be welded using appropriate techniques, allowing for fabrication into complex structures.
  • Grade: There might be different grades of Corten steel pipes available, each with slightly varying properties to suit specific applications (e.g., higher strength or improved formability).
  • Surface Finish: The surface finish of the pipe can be mill-scale (as-rolled) or pickled and oiled. Pickled and oiled pipes have a cleaner surface and might be preferred for aesthetic purposes.
  • End Finish: The ends of the pipe can be plain (cut square), beveled for welding, or threaded depending on the application.

When looking for Corten steel pipes, it's always best to consult the supplier's product information or contact them directly. They can provide specific details about the Corten steel pipes they offer, including available dimensions, grades, certifications, and any additional services they might offer (e.g., cutting, threading).

Corten Steel Pipes Specification :

Materials :  Corten Steel Pipes
Corten Steel Pipe Size Range :  ½ OD to 16 OD
Corten Steel Pipe Standards :  ASTM A 423 GR. 1, ASME SA 423, ASTM A847
Corten Steel Pipe Shape :  Round, Square, Rectangle, Hydraulic, Honed Pipes
Corten Steel Pipe type :  Weathering Steel / Corten Steel
Corten Steel Pipe Length :  Single Random, Double Random & Cut Length

Square Pipe (Square Hollow Section)
Range :  SHS 60 X 60 TO SHS 200 X 200
Length :  5500mm TO 6000mm

Rectangle Pipe (Rectangle Hollow Section)
Range :  RHS 76 X 50 TO RHS 200 X 150
Length :  5500mm TO 6000mm

Round Welded Pipe
Range :  DIA 20mm TO DIA 200mm
Length :  5500mm TO 6000mm

Corten Steel Pipe Chemical Composition

COMPOSITION Grade 1 Grade 2
Carbon, max 0.15 0.15
Manganese, max 0.55 0.50–1.00
Phosphorus 0.06–0.16 0.04 max
Sulfur, max 0.060 0.05
Silicon, min 0.10
Copper 0.20–0.60 0.30–1.00
Chromium 0.24–1.31
Nickel 0.20–0.70 0.40–1.10
Molybdenum, min 0.10
Elements Heat Analysis Product Analysis
Carbon Max 0.20 0.24
Manganese Max 1.35 1.40
Phosphorus Max 0.15 n/a
Sulpher Max 0.05 0.06
Copper Min 0.20 0.18

Pipe Availability & Details

SKU # Normal Pipe Diameter (in) Outside Diameter (in) Inside Diameter (in) Wall Thickness (in) Weight (per 21' sections)
1" x 21' 1 1.315 1.049 0.133 35.07 lbs
1 1/4" x 21' 1 1/4 1.660 1.380 0.140 47.8 lbs
1 1/2" x 21' 1 1/2 1.900 1.610 0.145 56.91 lbs
2" x 21' 2 2.375 2.067 0.154 76.65 lbs
2 1/2" x 21' 2 1/2 2.875 2.469 0.203 122.01 lbs
3" x 21' 3 3.50 3.068 0.216 158.97 lbs
3 1/2" x 21' 3 1/2 4 3.548 0.226 191.33 lbs
4" x 21' 4 4.5 4.026 0.237 227.01 lbs
5" x 21' 5 5.563 5.047 0.250 307.23 lbs
6" x 21' 6 6.625 6.056 0.280 399 lbs

Applications of Corten Steel Pipes

Corten steel pipes, with their unique blend of strength, durability, and weather resistance, find application in a wide range of industries. Some of the most common uses:


  • Structural Applications
  • Cladding and Facades
  • Handrails and Balustrades

Landscape Architecture

  • Fences and Gates
  • Pergolas and Trellises
  • Water Features

Industrial Applications

  • Piping Systems
  • Industrial Cladding
  • Signage
  • Furniture
  • Art Installations

Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of Corten steel pipes are enhanced durability, reduced maintenance and versatility in applications. The controlled rust layer on the surface acts as a protective barrier, significantly extending the lifespan of the pipe compared to regular steel. Corten steel develops a stable rust layer that protects the inner core. This eliminates the need for constant maintenance, saving time and money in the long run.

While Corten steel offers numerous benefits, there are some considerations:
Strength Considerations: The rust layer on Corten steel can slightly reduce its overall load-bearing capacity compared to unweathered steel. Consult with engineers to ensure the pipes meet the required structural strength for your specific application.
Initial Staining: During the initial rust formation (which can take several months), Corten steel pipes may release a reddish-brown runoff. This can stain surrounding materials. Proper planning and drainage systems can mitigate this issue.

Corten steel pipes are available from various steel suppliers, both online and in physical locations. Look for a reputable corten steel plate supplier who is offering high-quality and certified products.

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