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The Importance of Cleaning Condenser Coils on a Refrigerator

A working refrigerator is essential for any home. Arguably, the most important appliance in the home, your refrigerator needs a little care and attention to ensure that it keeps functioning properly. One of these tasks is cleaning the condenser coils. Dirty coils not only increase energy use and force the appliance to work harder, but they can also compromise the lifespan of your refrigerator.

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The most common issue homeowners face with their fridge is lack of cooling at the desired temperature and complete breakdown due to dirty or clogged condenser coils. This article will explain why it is critical to keep the refrigerator’s condenser coils clean.

How To Clean Condenser Coils

Cleaning the refrigerator condenser coils begins with finding where they are located; they are usually located at the back or bottom of the refrigerator. Refer to the owner’s manual for more information. 

While an electrical device is plugged in, it is risky to work with it. Turn off the refrigerator and close the doors. 

To protect coils located at the back, remove the access panel and place it on a piece of cardboard on the floor. Remove the front protective grille for a fan-cooled condenser located beneath the fridge. 

Clean the coils, remove all the dust accumulated on the fan blades with a vacuum cleaner’s crevice tool attachment or a coil brush, and pick up any debris that may have fallen to the floor. 

After the coils have been thoroughly cleaned, replace the covers. Although the coils located at the back don’t often collect pet hair and dirt, they should still be cleaned periodically. Reconnect the refrigerator to see a significant improvement in its performance.

Maintain the refrigerator condenser coils to save money, increase its lifespan, and ensure it functions properly. Local appliance repair companies can also clean coils and provide other services to homeowners.

Advantages Of Cleaning Condeser Coils

It Saves a Lot of Energy

The condenser coils are instrumental in condensing and cooling the liquid refrigerant. To cool the refrigerant, the heat must be dissipated. As dust and dirt accumulate on the condenser coils, their capacity to remove heat decreases and they become inefficient. The refrigerator becomes overheated as a result. The compressor then has to work harder, consuming more energy. This means the energy efficiency of the fridge goes for a toss. By having the coils cleaned periodically by an experienced technician of a company that provides professional fridge repairs and maintenance in Parramatta and elsewhere, you can avoid this and ensure that your fridge runs efficiently for a long time to come.

It prolongs the life of your fridge

If the coils are dirty, the compressor will have to work harder, which will result in some excessive depreciation. A more-than-normal level of wear and tear will decrease the overall lifespan of a commercial refrigeration system, which has to carry out more rigorous duties than its domestic counterparts. Thus, preventive maintenance is a far less expensive option and helps thwart major breakdowns and snags, which could be quite costly to fix; more so if a part must be replaced. Additionally, dirty condenser coils harbour a lot of bacteria and mould, which will negatively impact the air quality inside!

It will reduce the frequency of breakdowns

According to statistics, up to 80 percent of refrigeration systems do not have their condenser coils regularly cleaned. Condenser coils that are dirty are the leading cause of service calls that companies offering fridge repairs in and around Parramatta receive every year. This includes Westinghouse, Fisher & Paykel, and other brands of fridges that need repair. Commercial Fridge Repairs are no different. Experts say that cleaning the coils can reduce the likelihood of these refrigerator breakdowns by up to 70%. is a leading supplier, stockist, manufacturer & exporter of SA213 T9 tubes . Get in touch with us for the best rates & availability.

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