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ASTM A105 Screwed fittings, ASTM A105 Threadolet NPT PN400 Chemical Analysis, Carbon Steel A105 cl3000 SW Pressure Classes.

ASTM A105 Forged Fittings are made from a mix of carbon, manganese, phosphorus, silicon, copper, nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium. This combination gives the fittings excellent strength and corrosion resistance. The material is also highly resistant to wear and tear, with a hardness of 187 HBW.

In addition to forged fittings, there are ASTM A105 threaded, welded, and fabricated fittings. The threaded fittings, such as the ASME SA105 threaded coupling, are used to connect threaded pipes. The coupling acts as a short piece that joins two pipe segments together, ensuring a secure connection.

ASTM A105 Forged Fittings

ASTM A105 forged fittings are used in applications that require pressure proof connections. These fittings include couplings, which securely join two pipe segments. A105 socket weld fittings, designed with a socket to hold pipes together, are typically used for small diameter pipes.

The material boasts excellent strength, with a minimum tensile strength of 70 ksi and a minimum yield strength of 36 ksi. Available in various pressure classes, such as the Carbon Steel A105 cl3000 SW, these fittings are made from carbon steel and are rated for a pressure class of 3000.

ASTM A105 Forged Fittings Specification

Specifications ASTM A105/ ASME SA105
Size Ranges 1/8 inch - 4 inch (DN6~DN100)
Pressure Classes 2000 LBS, 3000 LBS, 6000 LBS, 9000 LBS
Type of Forged NPT, BSP, BSPT Fittings
Dimension Standard ASME 16.11, MSS SP-79, MSS SP-95, 83, 95, 97, BS 3799
Type of Connection Welding

ASTM A105 Forged Fittings Chemical Composition

Element Composition %, Note C
Carbon .35 max
Manganese .60-1.05
Phosphorus .035 max
Sulfur .040 max
Silicon .10-35
Copper .40 max, note A
Nickel .40 max, note A
Chromium .30 max, note A,B
Molybdenum .12 max, note A,B
Vanadium .08 max, note A
Note A – The sum of copper, nickel, chromium, molybdenum and vanadium shall not exceed 1.00%
Note B – The sum of chromium and molybdenum shall not exceed .32%
Note C – for each reduction of 0.01% below the specified carbon maximum (.35%), an increase of .06% manganese above the specified maximum (1.05%) will be permitted up to a maximum of 1.65%

ASTM A105 Forged Fittings Mechanical Properties

Tensile 70 ksi, min
Yield, note A 36 ksi, min
Elongation in 2in, Basic minimum for wall 5/16″ and over, strip test 30%
Hardness 187 HBW max
Note A – Determined by either the 0.2% offset method or the 0.5% extension-under-load method. Other test methods available as listed in A105.

Equivalent Grades of ASTM A105 Forged Fittings

Fitting Class Fitting Connection Pipe Equivalent
Wall Designation Schedule No.
2000 NPT XS Sch. 80
3000 NPT Sch. 160
6000 NPT XXS
3000 SW XS Sch. 80
6000 SW Sch. 160
9000 SW XXS

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ASTM A105 is a specification for carbon steel forged piping components. This low-carbon alloy contains manganese and silicon, similar to AISI 1330 but with lower manganese. It's commonly used for forging applications due to its strength and durability.

ASTM A105 and ASME SA105 cover seamless forged carbon steel piping components used in pressure systems for both ambient and high-temperature service. These components are forged, not cast.

The ASTM A105/ASME SA-105 carbon steel forgings, designated with UNS number K03504, have an equivalent ASME standard: SA-181 (ASTM A181) Class 70. This equivalent can be used interchangeably with SA-105 in any conditions of the Codes.