SA179 Tubes is a highly acclaimed industry engaged in manufacturing and offering commendable quality Alloy Steel Forged Fittings. We provide these high-quality fittings to both global and local clients, meeting diverse demands with various heat treatments, widths, wall thicknesses, lengths, and custom specifications.

Our Alloy Steel Forged Fittings are made from premium alloys, ensuring superior strength and durability. Designed using the latest tools and technology, these fittings adhere to international standards. They are widely used in construction materials, automotive components, cycles, bikes, tanks, electrical fittings, and coupling elements. Available in different shapes, including round, square, hydraulic, and rectangular, they suit various applications.

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Forged Pipe Fittings come in two main types: wrought alloys and casting alloys. Wrought alloys are the most commonly used due to their strength, while casting alloys are more cost-effective but have lower tensile strength. These fittings find applications in petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, oil and gas, marine industries, and more.

With excellent electrical conductivity and reflectivity, forged steel pipe fittings are used as electric conductors and in marine fittings. Their toughness and resilience make them ideal for high-stress environments. Choose SA179 Tubes for reliable, high-quality Forged Pipe Fittings tailored to your needs.

ASTM A182 GR F5, F9, F11, F12, F22, F91 Alloy Steel Forged Fittings Manufacturer, Exporter & Suppliers.

ASTM A276 Alloy Steel Threaded Pipe Fittings, Alloy Steel Socket weld Pipe Fittings, Alloy Steel Forged Elbow Suppliers.

Alloy Steel F5 Forged 45 Deg Socket weld Elbow, ASTM A182 F9 Threaded Plug, Alloy Steel F11 Forged Socket Cross Manufacturer.

ASME B16.11 Alloy Steel Forged Screwed Cap, F22 Carbon Steel Socket weld Tee, Alloy Steel F12 Threaded coupling Supplier & Exporter.

High-Quality Forged Pipe Fittings to Meet Your Needs

Our factory is the top choice for Forged Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings and Forged Steel Pipe Fittings, tailored to meet your demands. We offer a series of high-quality Forged Pipe Fittings, including Socket Welded Pipe Fittings, Threaded Pipe Fittings, Elbow Fittings, High Pressure Fittings, 3000# Fittings, Pipe Couplings, Threaded Joints, and Boss Pipe Fittings. We also provide value-added services like hot dip galvanizing.

Our Forged Pipe Fittings are ideal for high-pressure applications in industries such as petrochemical, oil & gas, power generation, shipbuilding, aerospace, boiler, heat exchanger, and pressure vessel manufacturing.

Customers appreciate our entire range of forged stainless steel fittings, forged steel pipe fittings, and forged alloy steel pipe fittings for their high durability, dimensional accuracy, smooth finish, leak-proof design, and corrosion resistance. Trust us to deliver the best in forged pipe fittings for your industrial needs.

Types Of Alloy Steel Forged Fittings

Alloy Steel Tube & Pipe

Alloy Steel F22 Forged Fittings

Alloy Steel Tube & Pipe

Alloy Steel F11 Forged Fittings

Alloy Steel Tube & Pipe

Alloy Steel F5 Forged Fittings

Alloy Steel Tube & Pipe

Alloy Steel F9 Forged Fittings

Alloy Steel Tube & Pipe

Alloy Steel F91 Forged Fittings

Alloy Steel Tube & Pipe

Alloy Steel P12 Forged Fittings

Specification of Alloy Steel Forged Fittings

Grades F1, F5 , F9, F11, F12, F22, F91 , F92
Alloy Steel Forged Fittings Specification ASTM A182 / ASME SA182
Dimension Standard ASME B16.11, MSS-SP-79, MSS-SP-83, MSS-SP-95, MSS-SP-97, BS3799
Size  1/8" NB to 4" NB
Type Socketweld Fittings, Screwed-Threaded Fittings (NPT or PT Type)
Rating Pressure Threaded End - 2000 /3000/ 6000 LBS. Socket-weld End - 3000 / 6000/ 9000 LBS.

Alloy Steel Forged Fittings Application Industries

  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Power Plant Industry
  • Energy Industry
  • Pharmaceuticals Industry
  • Pulp & Paper Indusry
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Refining Industry

We Export To Alloy Steel Forged Fittings

New Zealand, Ukraine, Brazil, Azerbaijan, Angola, United Kingdom, Philippines, Oman, France, Algeria, Macau, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Norway, Mexico, Venezuela, Denmark, Russia, Bhutan, Estonia, Austria, Vietnam, Argentina, Turkey, Greece, Romania, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Italy, Poland, Zimbabwe, Thailand, India, Kenya, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Nepal, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Libya, Slovakia, Chile, Serbia, Australia, Poland, Iran, Costa Rica, Peru, South Korea, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Spain, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Qatar, Japan, Canada, Taiwan, Yemen, Mongolia, Czech Republic, Israel, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Namibia, Hungary, South Africa, Hong Kong, Croatia, Colombia, Lebanon, Nigeria, Portugal, Finland, Pakistan, Jordan, Sweden, Belgium, Gambia, Lithuania, United States, Chile, Bolivia, Germany, Singapore, Ireland, Gabon, Kuwait, Switzerland, Mexico, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Morocco, China, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Turkey, Denmark and UK.


What is forged alloy steel?

Forged alloy steel is steel made from a mix of iron, carbon, and other elements like chromium and nickel. It is shaped under high pressure, resulting in improved strength, ductility, and resistance to wear and corrosion.

What is a forged steel fitting?

A forged steel fitting is a pipe fitting made by heating carbon steel to high temperatures and then shaping it under pressure. This process produces strong, durable fittings used to connect pipes in various industrial applications.

Which is stronger, alloy steel or forged steel?

Forged steel is generally stronger than regular alloy steel due to the forging process, which aligns the grain structure and reduces defects, resulting in improved tensile strength and durability.

What is alloy forging?

Alloy forging is the process of shaping alloy steel under high pressure and temperature. This enhances the material's mechanical properties, such as strength and toughness, making it suitable for demanding industrial applications.