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The ASME SA / ASTM A334 GR.1 Pipes manufactured by Solitaire Overseas are available in high quality and in a variety of shapes and sizes according to customer preferences. We are also a leading supplier, trader & distributors of ASTM A334 Carbon Steel Gr. 1 Pipes. Meanwhile, our ASME SA 334 Carbon Steel Pipes are available in different technical specifications which conform to international standards. Buy these ASTM A334 Carbon Steel Grade 1 Tubes at a reasonable cost from us. Our company holds vast experience in this domain and is involved in offering ASTM A334 CS Grade 1 Pipes to our esteemed clients. With the wide application of ASME SA 334 CS Tubes, we are providing a quality range of ASME SA 334 CS Tubes. These durable ASME SA 334 Carbon Steel Pipes are fabricated using advanced technology machines, making them highly sought after due to their durability and accurate dimensions.The steel shall conform to the required sa 334 gr 6 chemical composition for carbon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, silicon, nickel, chromium, copper, cobalt, and molybdenum. The number of tubes in a heat-treatment lot shall be determined from the size of the tubes.

In accordance with ASTM A334, carbon steel pipes consist of an alloy containing no more than 0.3% carbon. According to standards and classes, they also contain manganese between 0.29 and 1.06 percent. These types of steel pipes contain medium carbon levels. These high quality steel pipes are SA 334 Tubes. Different diameters of pipes are available, ranging from 4″ NB to 26″ NB. Wall thickness varies with diameter as well. Wall thicknesses range between 2.0mm and 14mm, depending on the pipe. The wall thickness is also governed by different schedules based upon the diameter. Besides the A334 Carbon Steel Pipe types, there are schedules 20, 30, 40, and even XXH and heavier schedules available.

Alternatively, the pipes could be welded, seamless, or produced at low temperatures. Seamless tubes can be drawn from cold and strengthen by coldworking. The ASTM A334 Seamless Pipe is used in applications with high precision and is easy to install compared to the welded pipes. These can come in different shapes as well. They come in round, rectangular, square and hexagonal shapes. The ASTM A334 Round Pipe is one of the most used shapes in this grade. The square ones are used mostly in structural applications. The square shape makes it possible to retain the same strength around the corners and bends. The ASTM A334 Sch40 Pipe is a medium pressure class pipe. The pipes could also be beveled. The ASTM A334 Beveled End Pipe is used in specific applications. The usage of the ASTM A334 Carbon Steel Pipe is seen in petrochemical industries, marine industries, food processing plants and in the oil and gas industries. The ASTM A334 Carbon Steel ERW Pipe is a cost effective solution.

ASTM A334 Carbon Steel Pipe Spe

Carbon Steel Standard : Straight lengths up to 27.00 Meters with Outside Diameter ranging from 6.00mm to 8O.00mm and thickness ranging from 0.85mm to 6mm
Carbon Steel ASTM A334 Type : SA334 Tubes & A334 Tubes, A334 & SA334 Grade 3 & 4 Pipes, SA334 & A334 Grade 6, A334 & SA334 Grade 1 Pipes & Tubes, SA334 & A334 Grade 7, ASTM A334 & ASME SA334 Grade 8 Pipes & Tubes, Gr 8 & Gr 9 A334 & SA334 Pipes & Tubes, Grage 10 & 11 SA334 & A334 Welded & Seamless Pipes & Tubes.
Carbon Steel ASTM A334 Length : Double Random & Required Length, Single Random, & Available Custom Size
Carbon Steel ASTM A334 Shape/Form : Coiled Tubes, Round Pipes & Tubes, “U” Shape Pipes & Tubes, Square Tube, Rectangular Tube
Carbon Steel ASTM A334 Pipes & Tubes End : Beveled End, Plain End, Treaded Protected With Plastic Caps
Coating Of Carbon Steel A334 Tubes & SA334 Tubes : Galvanised Finish, Black Painting, Anti-Corrosion Oil, Finish as per Customer Requirements
We are also providing consulting service to different industries for these ASTM A334 Carbon Steel Pipes. Clients can avail from us high quality ASME SA 334 Grade1 Carbon Steel Tubes which are manufactured in our advanced manufacturing unit. These ASTM A334 Carbon Steel Tubes are manufactured using quality tested material under the direction of our experts at the state of art infrastructure unit. ASME SA 334 CS Tubes is as well recognized for the robust construction and corrosion and abrasion resistance.
Specifications : ASTM A 334, ASME SA 334
Size Range : 4” NB to 26” NB
Wall Thickness : 2.0mm-14 mm
Schedules : 20, 30, 40, Standard (STD), Extra Heavy (XH), 80, 100, 120, 140, 160, XXH & heavier
Type : Seamless / Welded/ Low Temperature
Length : 5800mm; 6000mm; 6096mm; 7315mm; 11800mm; and so on.
Outer Dimensions : 6mm-1020mm
Grade : Grade 1

SA 334 Gr 6 Chemical Composition

C, % Mn, % P, % S, %
0.30 max 0.40-1.06 0.025 max 0.025 max

A334 Grade 1 Seamless Pipes and Tubes Mechanical properties

Tensile Strength , MPa Yield Strength, MPa Elongation, % Hardness, HB
380 min 205 min 35 min 163 max

Specification Chart of ASTM A334 GR 1 Carbon Steel Pipes

Standards 40ASTM, ASME and API
Craft 40Cold rolled and Cold drawn
Type 40ERW / Seamless / Fabricated / Welded / CDW
Size 401/2” NB to 36” NB
Form 40Round, Hydraulic Etc
Thickness 403-12mm
End 40Beveled End, Plain End, Treaded
Schedules 40Schedule 40, 80, 160, XS, XXS
Additional Testing 40NACE TM0177, NACE MR0175, NACE TM0284, SSC TEST, HIC TEST, H2 SERVICE, IBR, etc.
Tolerance 40Cold drawn pipe: +/-0.1mm 40Cold rolled pipe: +/-0.05mm
Length 40Minimum 3 Meters, Maximum 18 Meters

ASTM SA334 Gr 6 Composition

Grade 1 :

C, %Mn, %P, %S, %
0.30 max0.40-1.060.025 max0.025 max

Grade 6 :

C, %Mn, %Si, %P, %S, %
0.30 max0.29-1.060.10 min0.025 max0.025 max

Mechanical Properties of ASTM A334 GR 1 LTCS Seamless Tubing

Grade 1 :

Tensile Strength , MPaYield Strength, MPaElongation, %Hardness, HB
380 min205 min35 min163 max

Grade 6 :

Tensile Strength , MPaYield Strength, MPaElongation, %Hardness, HB
415 min240 min30 min190 max

Tensile Requirements For ASME SA 333 Gr 6 Carbon Steel Pipes

Grade Tensile Test MPa or N/mm2 Remaks (Similar to JIS)
Min Yield point Tensile Strength
Gr. 1 205 380Min Impact Test(J) 2V 18
Gr. 3 240 450Min 2V 18
Gr. 6 240 415Min 2V 18
Gr. 7 240 450Min 2V 18
Gr. 8 520 690Min 2V 18
Gr. 9 315 435Min 2V 18

Pressure Rating of SA334 gr 6 Pipes

3/4 20 1.050 26.7 0.083* 2.11 1.28 781 0.86 2562 700 4830
1 25 1.315 33.4 0.109* 2.77 2.09 478 1.41 1568 700 4830
1.1/4 32 1.660 42.2 0.109* 2.77 2.69 372 1.81 1221 1000 6890
1.1/2 40 1.900 48.30 0.109* 2.77 3.11 322 2.09 1056 1000 6890
2 50 2.375 60.3 0.109* 2.77 3.93 254 2.64 833 1000 6890
2.1/2 65 2.875 73.0 0.120* 3.05 5.26 190 3.53 623 1000 6890
3 80 3.500 88.9 0.120* 3.05 6.46 155 4.34 509 1000 6890
3.1/2 90 4.000 101.6 0.120* 3.05 7.41 135 4.98 443 1200 8270
4 100 4.500 114.3 0.120* 3.05 8.37 119 5.62 390 1200 8270
5 125 5.563 141.3 0.134* 3.40 11.58 86 7.78 283 1200 8270
6 150 6.625 168.3 0.134* 3.40 13.85 72 9.30 237 1000 6890
8 200 8.625 219.1 0.188** 4.78 25.26 40 16.96 130 800 5520

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Carbon Steel A334 Pipes and Tubes ASTM A334 Grade 1 Carbon Steel Pipes
ASME SA 334 Grade 6 Pipes Carbon Steel A334 GR.6 Welded Pipes/Tubes
ASTM A334 GR.6 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe ASTM A 333 Gr.6 Carbon Steel Pipes
ASME SA 334 Grade 1 Pipes High Quality A334 Grade 6 Carbon Steel Pipes
ASTM A334 GR.1 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe IBR Certified ASTM A 333 Gr.1 Carbon Steel Pipes
Carbon Steel A334 GR.1 Welded Pipes/Tubes High Quality A334 Grade 1 Carbon Steel Pipes
ASTM A334 GR.6 Seamless Pipes ASTM A334 GR.1 Seamless Pipes

Applications of SA334 GR 6 LTCS Welded Pipe

  • Offstream Project
  • Petroleum and Refineries
  • Power Generation etc.
  • Flares stacks
  • FEED for heaters Hydrocracking
  • Process piping applications
  • Power plant piping
  • Refineries
  • LNG terminals
  • Storage for natural gas
Supplier of a334 grade 6 ERW Pipe, LTCS A334 Grade 6 Welded Tubing in Mumbai

Outside Diameter & Tolerance of SA334 gr 6 ERW Pipe

Hot rolled Outside Diameter, mm Tolerance, mm
OD≤101.6 +0.4/-0.8
101.6<OD≤190.5 +0.4/-1.2
190.5<OD≤228.6 +0.4/-1.6
Cold Drawn Outside Diameter , mm Tolerance, mm
OD<25.4 ±0.10
25.4≤OD≤38.1 ±0.15
38.1<OD<50.8 ±0.20
50.8≤OD<63.5 ±0.25
63.5≤OD<76.2 ±0.30
76.2≤OD≤101.6 ±0.38
101.6<OD≤190.5 +0.38/-0.64
190.5<OD≤228.6 +0.38/-1.14

ASTM A334 Gr.6 Low Temperature Pipe Wall thickness & Tolerance

Hot rolled Outside Diameter , mm Tolerance, %
OD≤101.6, WT≤2.4 +40/-0
OD≤101.6, 2.4<WT≤3.8 +35/-0
OD≤101.6, 3.8<WT≤4.6 +33/-0
OD≤101.6, WT>4.6 +28/-0
OD>101.6, 2.4<WT≤3.8 +35/-0
OD>101.6, 3.8<WT≤4.6 +33/-0
OD>101.6, WT>4.6 +28/-0
Cold Drawn Outside Diameter , mm Tolerance, %
OD≤38.1 +20/-0
OD>38.1 +22/-0

Available Length Range of SA334 grade 1 Tubes

Length 5800mm; 6000mm; 6096mm; 7315mm; 11800mm
Check Pressure Rating of ASTM A334 GR 1 LTCS Seamless Tubing & SA334 grade 6 Pipes

Temperature Range of ASTM A334 Gr 1 Low Temperature Pipe

Temperature Range 1550 to 1750 °F

We Supply SA334 Gr 6 To

Oman, Iran, Finland, Jordan, Ecuador, Tibet, Nigeria, Malaysia, Italy, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Algeria, Namibia, Croatia, Poland, Gabon, Iran, Norway, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Mexico, Egypt, Argentina, Pakistan, Lithuania, Bhutan, Costa Rica, China, Colombia, Peru, Thailand, Ukraine, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Morocco, Kenya, Belarus, Brazil, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Germany, United States, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Ireland, Czech Republic, India, Gambia, United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Mongolia, Portugal, Nigeria, Bahrain, Kuwait, Yemen, Romania, Indonesia, Chile, Nepal, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, France, Taiwan, Qatar, Denmark, Austria, Afghanistan, Spain, Mexico, Belgium, Puerto Rico, Slovakia, Serbia, South Africa, Chile, Bangladesh, Libya, Greece, Russia, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Canada, Bolivia, Sweden, Poland, Australia, Philippines, Angola, Israel, Zimbabwe, Macau, Netherlands.

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Kuwait, Bolivia, Peru, Pakistan, Brazil, Bhutan, Nepal, Canada, Kazakhstan, Trinidad & Tobago,Tunisia, Israel, Lithuania, Argentina, Belarus, Yemen, Ghana, Switzerland, Belgium, Nigeria, Gambia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Oman, Finland, Egypt, Mexico, Mongolia, Sweden, Norway, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Gabon, Algeria, South Africa, Germany, Bulgaria, Iran, South Korea, Qatar, Estonia, Costa Rica, Azerbaijan, Iran, Hong Kong, United States, Greece, Russia, Iraq, Kenya, Malaysia, Taiwan, Bahrain, Netherlands, Angola, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, Tibet, Colombia, Italy, New Zealand, Philippines, Namibia, Poland, Chile, France, Romania, Serbia, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, India, Ecuador, Slovakia, Hungary, Chile, Bangladesh, Denmark, Singapore, Czech Republic, Ireland, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Libya, Mexico, Japan, Austria, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Puerto Rico, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Macau, Portugal, Nigeria, Thailand, China, Jordan.

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